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Sarah Smith Hymes has the experience Eagle County needs

I am writing to encourage anyone eligible to vote in the June 25 Democratic primary to vote for Sarah Smith Hymes. We are lucky to have two outstanding Democratic candidates from which to choose, but at this time and place in Eagle County, with so many ongoing issues and challenges before us, the choice boils down to one word: experience.

Sarah brings the kind of vision and experience we need at this time. She has been engaged and involved in public service on so many levels over the years. Her contribution to the valley through her service on the boards for the Eagle River Water and Sanitation District, the Avon Town Council (where she served as mayor), affordable housing, the Climate Action Committee and the Eagle County Charter Academy represents just a snapshot of her commitment and engagement to the betterment, sustainability and quality of life we so value.

She has worked closely with the key players, both locally and regionally. She knows that the solutions to our county’s challenges will require out-of-the-box thinking, creativity and collaboration with all of the stakeholders, including our valley’s largest employers to affect positive change and progress.

Eagle County’s current board has done an admirable job in addressing the many growth-related issues in our valley, especially regarding housing and transportation, protecting our wildlife and environment, water quality and more. However, the ongoing challenge of staffing our businesses, our schools and health care systems continues to be directly impacted by the lack of viable housing options. Sarah has passionately dealt with these issues in real-time and continues to do so.

Let’s maintain this hard-earned momentum by putting Sarah Smith Hymes on the board of commissioners. She’s already been working for years toward building a better future for the valley, and she’ll be ready to continue that mission on day one.

Howard Leavitt

Hymes will work to enhance Eagle County

I am pleased that Sarah Smith Hymes is willing to contribute her considerable talents to our county by serving as an Eagle County commissioner. I can wholeheartedly endorse Sarah, who has proven herself to be a highly effective public official: She’s community-minded, smart and has incredible energy, dedication and integrity.

Over the past 18 years, Sarah and I have served together on boards for three affordable housing projects as well as the board for the Eagle County Charter Academy. Sarah can accomplish things that seem insurmountable. During her tenure on the affordable housing boards, we were able to obtain financing to allow us to refurbish the EagleBend Apartments, commit our projects to electricity from renewable sources and give rent relief to tenants impacted by COVID-19.

During her tenure as president of ECCA, her patience, commitment and diplomacy resulted in ECCA receiving funds for its new state-of-the-art building.

As an elected official, resident, English as a Second Language instructor and small-business owner in Eagle County for more than 30 years, Sarah Smith Hymes has deep roots here. Sarah is committed to making Eagle County the ideal home for her extended family, because they all plan to make this their home for years to come.

As a commissioner, Sarah would work to protect and enhance Eagle County as a unique mountain community. I encourage you to vote for Sarah Smith Hymes for Eagle County commissioner.

Craig Ferrarro

Hymes supports Eagle’s multilingual population

I have taught with Sarah Smith Hymes, candidate for Eagle County commissioner, for many years in the English as a Second Language program at Colorado Mountain College in Edwards. I have always been impressed with the professionalism that Sarah demonstrates both inside and outside of her classroom.

More importantly, Sarah cares deeply about the multilingual learners of English in our program, people who are the backbone of our valley’s economy. Our students face many challenges as immigrants in our community, including a language barrier, the high cost of housing and health care, and juggling the demands of multiple jobs with family responsibilities. Sarah connects personally with every student in her class, making them feel supported and valued.

Even though she has many other obligations outside of CMC, Sarah is focused on the success of our students and is fully committed to our program. I have no doubt that she will bring that same focus and commitment to serving the residents of Eagle County.

Virginia Nicolai

Sarah Smith Hymes represents a vote for expertise and experience

Sarah Smith Hymes has worked tirelessly for our community for years and deserves your vote in the Democratic Party primary for Eagle County commissioner.

Sarah served on Avon’s Town Council for eight years, four years as Mayor. There, she worked directly with staff and water rights attorneys to manage the town’s water portfolio and to encourage water conservation programs to stretch valuable senior water rights further to meet the needs of businesses and residents, while also ensuring the health of the Eagle River. 

She served as the town’s representative to the Upper Eagle Regional Water Authority for eight years, expanding her water oversight to the developed areas from Dowd Junction to west Edwards. During her tenure, the authority board negotiated with Eagle County for 100 acre-feet of water rights to be dedicated from the county to affordable housing projects located in the authority service area, and purchased the Bolts Lake reservoir site in Minturn to serve future development needs and provide climate resiliency to our local water supply.

In 2023, Sarah was elected to the Eagle River Water and Sanitation District, which oversees water supplies for the town of Vail and wastewater treatment from Vail to Edwards, further expanding her knowledge and perspective for the larger community. She also served as chair of the Eagle County Climate Action Collaborative, making the connection between water and sustainable communities.

With the departure of Commissioner Kathy Chandler-Henry, the new commissioners will need to assign one of their rank to the water issue, and fill the influential Eagle County seat on the Colorado River Water Conservation District board. Sarah will keep water issues front and center in Eagle County’s regional planning and strategy. Vote for expertise and experience: Vote for Sarah.

Linn Brooks

Sarah Smith Hymes is a true public servant

We enthusiastically endorse Sarah Smith Hymes for Eagle County commissioner. We have known Sarah for 25 years and can attest to her intelligence, integrity, energy, wisdom and inspiring commitment to contributing to her community. 

Sarah is a true public servant whose years of dedicated and impactful service in elected office and on nonprofit boards have more than prepared her to be a highly effective and knowledgeable advocate for the county’s citizens. We are particularly impressed with Sarah’s work with state and regional parties on complex issues including climate action, water conservation, affordable housing and economic development. We urge you to join us in voting for Sarah in the June primary.

Susan & Ron Gruber

Experience Matters: Why I'm Voting for Sarah Smith Hymes

In 2019, the Avon Town Council appointed me to serve as Town Attorney by a vote of 6-1. The lone dissent came from Mayor Sarah Smith Hymes. Despite the vote having not gone her way, Sarah immediately moved on and welcomed me into the Avon community, and I am forever grateful as I came to know someone who embodies the best our community has to offer.


During my time working with Sarah, I had the opportunity to witness firsthand a public servant who approaches every issue with an open mind but is always the most prepared person in the room. A community member who comes to every conversation with an open heart but will choose what is best in the long term over what feels good in the moment. A leader who is undeterred by a challenge but will always build bridges to create common understanding, if not consensus.

Eagle County is at a unique crossroads, and in some cases, a point of crisis, when it comes to affordable housing, water, childcare, and climate action. Experience matters. There is no one better qualified and ready to serve as County Commissioner. Sarah’s qualifications are hard earned, having served as Avon Mayor for eight years as well as on countless boards and commissions, and founded several organizations that serve Eagle County to this day. Sarah will be able to lead Eagle County on her first day because for Sarah there will be no learning curve.

Although Sarah did not vote for me, I am proud to do so for her. I urge you to join me in casting a ballot for Sarah on (or before) June 25th.

Paul Wisor

Sarah Smith Hymes wants to preserve our most valuable assets


I am writing this letter to show my support for Sarah Smith Hymes for Eagle County commissioner in District 2. I’ve known Sarah since we were hockey moms in the early 2000s shuttling our kids to practices and tournaments around the state. Back in our hockey mom days, Sarah was always multi-tasking, juggling work and volunteering in the community.

I know her husband, Dave, and sons Will and Ben. They were a typical young mountain town family, the kind that is finding it harder and harder to make Eagle County home. Since then, Sarah has gained an incredible amount of experience in town governance. Housing matters very much to her and her family, and she is well-versed in water and environmental issues, and wildlife preservation.

Today, Sarah is committed to figuring out how to rebuild the heart of our community that is being hollowed out by the cost of housing. She wants to preserve our most valuable assets — our diverse communities, the environment and wildlife, and the outdoor recreation that sustains us. Join me in voting for Sarah for Eagle County commissioner.

Kathryn Middleton

Sarah Hymes: A clear choice for Eagle County

I am voting for Sarah Smith Hymes for Eagle County commissioner. Sarah has impressed me from the moment I met her. Her ability to understand and prioritize the critical issues, create opportunities and embolden the community she lives in has been remarkable.

As a new resident in Eagle County, I have been eager to learn about our public leaders in order to understand the community in which I live. As I “asked around,” Sarah’s name routinely came up as a great example of a strong, passionate leader, one whose reputation is exemplary and gets things done. As I dug deeper to understand the “whys” of her success, I was astounded to learn of her deep, broad and distinct civic experiences (the list is too long to mention; please see her website – and the outcomes she accomplished in the areas of climate action, water, transportation, advocacy, housing and public safety. After doing more research, I uncovered that her keys to success lie in her strong network with state and county officials, her ability to create results and her commitment to her community. This is also demonstrated by the testimonials public officials have written about her.

It should also be noted that her current connections to the old and the young in Eagle County make her a fantastic individual to be the leader of the people — someone who will represent the best interests of District 2. Please join me in voting for Hymes in the June 25 primary election.

Cici Zak

Sarah Smith Hymes is a proven leader

When voting for Eagle County commissioner during the primary election in the next few weeks, please look at the experience of Sarah Smith Hymes. Her roots in Eagle County are deep. Sarah is a small business owner, teacher and a highly experienced public servant. As the former mayor of Avon, she has worked successfully on Eagle County issues: water, affordable housing, protecting our environment, and ensuring that businesses are treated properly.

Sarah has delivered results in the past and will continue to do so by listening, asking the tough questions, working hard, and making the difficult decisions. We need a proven leader, Sarah Smith Hymes, who will represent all of Eagle County as our next county commissioner. I will be voting for Sarah, and I encourage you to vote for her. To learn more about Sarah, go to

Rich Carroll

Vote Smith Hymes for her track record on climate action

There’s an easy but important step you can take to help Eagle County address climate change, and that’s to vote for Sarah Smith Hymes in the county commissioner primary June 25, which will decide the election. Here’s why: Sarah has deep governing experience and a long and robust track record of thoughtful climate action; that means she will hit the ground running. Eagle county is poised to thrive in a new clean economy, and lead on emissions reduction, and Sarah is the candidate to make that happen.

Auden Schendler

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