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Vote for Sarah in the June 25th Democratic Primary Election for District 2 Commissioner

Eagle County Commissioners must live in their district, but all Eagle County voters vote for all three Commissioner seats – it is an “at large” election. Full details on everything you need to know can be found at the Eagle County Primary Election page, but here are the basics:


The primary election is June 25th, and ballots will be mailed on June 3rd. Completed ballots must be returned by 7 pm on June 25th. You can mail or drop off in person, but postmarks don’t count, so plan to mail by June 17th. There are ballot drop boxes across Eagle County, and polling stations will be open until 7 pm on election day.  


  • There are no Republican candidates for the District 2 Commissioner seat. There are two Democratic candidates for that seat – Sarah and one opponent

  • If you are a registered Democrat, you will receive a Democratic primary ballot 

  • If you are a registered Republican, you will receive a Republican primary ballot 

  • If you are registered as Unaffiliated, you will receive both Republican and Democratic primary ballots, but you can only vote in one primary; if you vote in both, your votes will be thrown out

  • If you are registered with a minor party, you will not receive a primary ballot – there are no minor party primaries this year

  • There are no contested Eagle County Commissioner seats on the Republican ballot

  • If you want to have a voice in the District 2 Commissioner race, you must register as Unaffiliated or Democrat before June 3rd. To change your party affiliation, click here

  • To view a sample primary ballot, click for English or Spanish


Refer to Primary Elections FAQs for information about primary elections in Colorado.

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